Century Wings Celebrates A Decade of Diecast Delicacies

Century Wings F-14 Image

On their web site, Century Wings recently announced plans to build a special edition F-14 Tomcat that celebrates their tenth anniversary of diecast modelmaking. To no one’s surprise, they have elected to produce another 1:72 scale VF-84 “Jolly Rogers” warbird to commemorate the event, this time around boasting:

  • Magnet attachment gear
  • With flap down wing for landing style
  • 2 Arresting hook parts ( Normal style and Hook Down Style)
  • Fully opened jet nozzle
  • Special design package

No images or production numbers have yet been provided, nor has a definitive date of release been given. For more information on the announcement, you can visit their News Page.

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One comment on Century Wings Celebrates A Decade of Diecast Delicacies

  1. Does Century Wings have a year planes to feature aircraft from the Ace Combat video game series?


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