Century Wings Latest (Tom)cat on a Hot Tin Roof


For the last few years, Century Wings seems content to rely upon a pair of replica aircraft to see them through the global recession, reaping the rewards of two toolings produced well over a decade ago. While the strategy has worked, other competitors have crept into their wheelhouse, offering similar, if slightly cheaper versions of their bread-and-butter mainstays to woo away some of their audience. Be that as it may, the Company has announced yet another F-14 Fleet Defense Fighter aimed at a holiday take off, this time based upon a “D” variant which flew with its final cruise with VF-104 “Blacklions”, then embarked upon the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) back in 2006 (CW001617). Thus far, only a line art drawing has been provided to the trade, so we anticipate a completed mock up in the weeks ahead.

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