Dissecting Diecast: One Giant Leap for Diecast and Mankind

Boeing’s XS-1 (Experimental Spaceplane), which the company dubs “Phantom Express,” got a green light in May by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa.

With the proposed US Space Corps taking an important step forward this past week by being included in DoD defense spending and potentially formed as a seventh branch of the military, we were wondering how many of you would be interested in collecting scale hypersonic aircraft/space planes currently under development?

Lockheed’s SR-72, a purposed-built replacement for the retired SR-71 Blackbird, has been rumored to be in development for some time, perhaps already taking flight over the Mojave Desert

Several companies and countries are already tinkering with hypersonic flight, many seeing them as weapons delivery platforms that can arrive at their given target within hours of takeoff. If a separate line of scale, diecast hypersonic aircraft were to be produced, perhaps accompanied by a magazine detailing each product much like an Eaglemoss Star Trek starship, would you be willing to create a new area in your diecast collection dedicated to their founding? 

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