Dragon Armor: A Return to its Heyday?

A 1:72 scale M4A3(76) W VVSS Sherman Medium Tank is slated for a December roll out

Typically, Dragon Models announces the availability of new 1:72 scale model kits as a prelude to releasing new pre-assembled replicas a few months later. Earlier today, two intriguing kits were unveiled by the manufacturer: one portraying a WWII-era US M4A3(76) Sherman tank with a VVSS suspension and the other a German early production Tiger I command tank used by famed panzer ace, Michael Wittmann.

Anyone remember these guys? It was vehicles like this that helped set the hobby on fire over a dozen years ago and now it looks like they may be making a return engagement.

If you recall, these pre-assembled vehicles sold out eons ago, snapped up by collectors for their use in wargaming, dioramas and curio cabinets largely for their historical significance. With other vehicles already in the queue, and likely even more bringing up the rear, this comes as welcome news for the hobby, perhaps harkening back to the glory days of collecting Dragon Armor pieces.

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