Dragon Fires Up the First Panzer III


If reports are true, collectors will soon be able to lay their mitts on the first Dragon Armor Panzerkampfwagen III medium tank — the mainstay of the German Panzerwaffe during the early to mid stages of WWII. According to Dragon’s latest shipment status report, their first vehicle (#DRA60578) is due to ship out shortly, no doubt followed by several of the other Panzer IIIs announced several months back and available in different configurations and patterns. Their inaugural vehicle is based upon an “L” variant, which was equipped with a 50mm gun to stand up to some of the more potent Russian armor they were facing on the eastern front. This particular vehicle was attached to Panzer Regiment 25, 7.Panzer Division, which, despite its mottled winter camouflage scheme, served in southern Russia in early 1943.

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