Dragon Gets Back on the Armored Band Wagon

Look for Dragon’s first-ever Sturmgeschutz Ausf. F assault gun some time in June

After laying low for nearly two years, it would appear as if Dragon is back in the 1:72 scale armor game, releasing a bevy of new vehicles over the course of the last two weeks. Another pair of vehicles were announced last night, one based upon a previously released mold and the other a brand new caisson. The first is a Panzer IV Ausf. G medium tank, whitewashed and bereft of any side armor signifying it was attached to the 3.SS Panzer Division, then deployed to the Eastern Front during early spring 1943 (DRR60699).

The latter vehicle is an inaugural Sturmgeschutz Ausf. F assault gun, used by Sturmgeschutz Abteilung 201 during the opening stages of the War in the East (DRR60511). According to Dragon’s web site, both vehicles are scheduled for a June release.

Dragon resurrects their Panzer IV Ausf. G mold this summer with this handsome whitewashed tank
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