Dragon Goes Back to the Future, But Just for a Little While

We routinely get asked why we leave items up on our site when they are no longer available. Frankly, there is any number of reasons, from acting as points of reference should someone look to collect an entire range that may be available elsewhere to the oft chance that some of these items will return to stock. In the latter case, two long sold out items were recently uncovered by one of our distributors, who is now making them available for a limited time only. Both are from Dragon’s Can.Do series of pocket miniatures, which although small at 1:144 scale still pack plenty of punch in terms of beauty and collectability.

Expected some time in January are the King Tiger heavy tank series (CAN20020) and the equally handsome Jagdpanther heavy tank destroyer series (CAN20019). We aren’t sure if more products in the Can.Do range will be unearthed, but its nice to know that every so often some hard-to-find items make it back into the mainstream market, even if its for a limited time.

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