Dragon Looks to Get Back in the Saddle Again

Look for Dragon’s second 1:72 scale Sturmgeschutz Ausf. F assault gun, along with several new pieces, some time in July

Late today we learned that Dragon does indeed plan to get back in the 1:72 scale armor game, perhaps even in a big way, judging by the number of new introductions earmarked for the Dragon Armor arsenal. A marketing email was sent to us indicating that a further eight models are slated for a July release, although line art was provided for many of the models instead of actual pre-production imagery, meaning the release dates for several models could slip a bit. The eight new models includes a second StuG Ausf. F assault gun (DRR60512) and a new take on the Panzer IV Ausf. G medium tank (DRR60700).

While these were expected at some point, the remaining six new vehicles harken back to the old days of Dragon Armor, where some vehicle types are simply no longer available. The six include two Soviet T-34/85 medium tanks (DRR60255 and DRR60256), two German early production Tiger I heavy tanks (DRR60343 and DRR60344), and a pair of Elefant tank destroyers (DRR60355 and DRR60356).

A new whitewashed Panzer IV Ausf. G medium tank has been added to the Dragon Armor collection

We have listed each of these new vehicles in our Dragon Armor section and hope to have photographs of the actual items some time soon.

Update: We’re pretty good at reading the tea leaves so when we saw Dragon announce a bunch of new 1:72 scale model kits yesterday, we figured that some of them would eventually be used as the basis for a number of new pre-assembled Dragon Armor candidates. We have therefore added two new categories to our Dragon Armor section, one for the A and B variant of the Sturmgeschutz III assault gun and a second for the C and D versions. Obviously, we will populate these new subcategories with actual product information once it has been passed along to us.

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