Eaglemoss Boldly Goes into 2017

Federation Springfield Class Starship USS Chekov (NCC-57302), which is scheduled to boldly go later in 2017

At long last, Eaglemoss Collections has shed light on some of their upcoming standard starships destined for release in 2017. The following ships have now been added to the range and scheduled to arrive in staggered shipments over the course of the year:

101. Bajoran Antares Class Freighter

102. Klingon D5 Battle Cruiser

103. Vidian Warship

104. Federation Galaxy Class Starship – USS Jenolan (NCC-2010)

105. Smuggler’s Ship

106. Kazon Warship

107. Klingon Attack Bird-of-Prey (Wings Down)

108. Federation Cheyenne Class Starships – USS Ahwahnee (NCC-71620)

109. Borg Queen’s Vessel

110. Federation Springfield Class Starship – USS Chekhov (NCC-57302)

111. Captain Proton’s Rocket Ship

112. Federation Nebula Class Starship – USS Phoenix NCC65420

113. Lokirrim Fighter

114. Federation Challenger Class Starship – USS Buran (NCC-57580)

115. Tellarite Cruiser

As usual, the lineup is skewed towards Federation starships, which have thus far proven to be the most popular choices among collectors. A smattering of new races have been added, including the Tellarites and Vidians, along with some rather obscure ships, such as an unnamed smuggler’s skiff and Captain Proton’s rocket ship, which resembles something from a Buck Rogers saga. Of note is the USS Chekov, no doubt paying homage to Anton Yelchin, the actor portraying Pavel Chekov in the NuTrek series of feature films, who lost his life in a freak accident in 2016. We anticipate news concerning the rest of the Star Trek Starships series shortly.

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