Eaglemoss Puts the “Disc” in Discovery

USS Discovery NCC-1031, the star attraction in the forthcoming Star Trek Discovery series.

With the debut of the latest Star Trek series, Star Trek Discovery, just a few days away, Eaglemoss has begun showing off images of the series star attraction. The USS Discovery NCC-1301 features a distinctive disk in the forward section of the ship, which is circumnavigated by a second larger disk attached to several connectors. This unusual configuration is connected by its neck to a larger splayed fuselage which, in turn, is affixed to the traditional twin engine nacelles. Its a radical departure of sorts, since most of the Federation starships boast a single saucer where most of the ship’s activities take place. We can only assume there is a reason for this odd configuration that will likely be explained as the series commences.

We will be listing the Discovery ship on our site shortly, which will reportedly be followed by additional ships from the new series. No price has yet to be established, although rumor has it that this line will be more in line with their XL range of larger starships that come bundled with their own magazines.

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