Eaglemoss Sails the Sea Lanes


On Wednesday, we expect to receive a large back order shipment of Eaglemoss warships which encompasses some 11 SKUs. Additionally, the next five warships are on track for an early May arrival, right after we get back from a week’s vacation. The latest squadron includes the following ships:

— IJN aircraft carrier Shokaku, 1942 (EMGC14)

— IJN light cruiser Nagara, 1936 (EMGC33)

— IJN heavy cruiser Takao, 1944 (EMGC36)

— IJN battleship Kirishima, 1942 (EMGC07)

— British Royal Navy battleship HMS Nelson, 1931 (EMGC34)

We anticipate running out of these warships in rapid fashion, so its important to submit your order for any or all of these ships as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and added waiting time.
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