Eaglemoss Sails the Seven Seas


With Unimax’ shipbuilding program now in full swing, it made sense for other diecast makers to dip their toes in the water, so-to-speak. Partworks producer Eaglemoss has just christened its latest sequential range, which will cover many of the most legendary ships of WWI, WWII and even the present. First offered to a select audience in Japan, it makes sense that most of their early offerings are based upon the Imperial Japanese Navy, featuring some of the most iconic ships of the 20th century.


Replicated in 1:1100 scale, these intricately detailed full draught warships feature rotating turrets and elevating guns along with specially designed display plinths to hold them in place. The first combined fleet is expected in May, and each carries an affordable price tag of just $24.99.

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