Hobby Master Goes Thru its Pre-Flight Check List


It’s been a while since there was anything to crow about in the 1:72 scale, piston-engine regime, so it’s with great fanfare and a good deal of excitement that we make room for Hobby Master’s first-ever Douglas A-20G Havoc light attack bomber. The Havoc is one of those aircraft that everyone is familiar with but unable to lay their mitts on since they typically take a back seat to some of the more well-known bombers of WWII. That said, Hobby Master’s first A-20 (HA4201) portrays a “G” model that was attached to the 668th Bombardment Squadron, 416th Bombardment Group, and bears the D-Day striped invasion markings on its wings and rear fuselage over a green camouflage scheme. The black-and-white stripes were added to all Allied aircraft just prior to the D-Day invasion to help distinguish them from Axis aircraft and hopefully cut down on fratricide, which became an acute problem during Operation Husky – the invasion of Sicily in mid 1943.

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