Hobby Master Proves its Listening


Ordinarily, we take a pass when it comes to listing civil airliners on our web site, largely because this isn’t our core competency. Add to that the fact that we generally sidestep the smallish 1:200 scale sector, and you can readily see why we prefer to go with larger scale replicas with military overtones. However, when Hobby Master announced that it planned to offer a 1:200 scale Lockheed EC-121D Warning Star Aircraft (#HL9012), we were all ears, figuratively as well as literally. Measuring approximately 7 inches in length by about 7-1/2 inches across, a 1:200 scale representation of this iconic early warning flier seemed to fit the bill, offering unrivaled fidelity and decent scale at a price most collectors can afford. Expected some time in September, we believe aviation enthusiasts will enjoy adding this important aircraft to their diecast collection.

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