In With the New, Out With the Old


With so many new lines emerging, several of which are very deep and broad, we’ve decided to phase out a few lines that have been under performing or seem to be no longer supported by the manufacturer. MRC’s Easy Model line will be drawn down, since a number of new items that have been listed in their catalogs for several years running show no sign of ever making it to market. Product replenishment has also been a recurring issue, with several key items never made available from any of our suppliers.


It also appears as if Dragon has taken an indefinite hiatus, sidestepping the production of many items that were announced years ago. While we would prefer not to phase out their lines of pre-assembled vehicles, figures and aircraft, it simply doesn’t make sense to continually hype something that never comes to fruition, particularly when other companies are clamoring for more shelf space. If anything changes for the positive in the near future we will certainly make note of it, but for now it doesn’t appear as if the wheels of progress are being greased.

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