Modelcollect Tackles Germany’s Paper Panzers


Modelcollect breathes life into Germany’s vaunted “paper panzers”. The first is a German Flakpanzer E-100 Anti-Aircraft Gun

“[Hitler overestimated] the importance of [technology]. As a result, he would count on a mere handful of assault-gun detachments or the new Tiger tanks to restore situations where only large bodies of troops could have any prospect of success.”

– German Field Marshal Erich von Manstein

No stranger to offering scale WWII replicas, ModelCollect has quietly picked up the mantle that now defunct Panzerstahl threw down a few years back when they began modelling some of the proposed German vehicles still languishing on the drawing boards. Two intriguing models are expected this summer: the first is a humongous Flakpanzer E-100 Anti-Aircraft Gun  (AS72057) while the second is a German E-100 heavy tank with a 128mm main gun (AS72063).

Also slated for a July release is this massive E-100 heavy tank with 128mm main gun

Priced at just $29.99 apiece, these are absolute steals, combining Modelcollect quality and incredible detail with affordable pricing.

Also pegged for a summer release is a 1:72 scale look at a German Kampgwagenvernichter Ausf. F (E-100) StuG Heavy Tank Destroyer as well as a Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte Super Heavy Tank. While we have set a price for the former vehicle, we are awaiting word on the latter, due largely to its colossal size and higher-than-average shipping costs.

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