One Flew Over the Eagle(moss) Nest


For several months running, we were receiving a steady diet of 1:43 scale military vehicles from Eaglemoss. Big and beefy, not-to-mention priced competitively at only $19.99 apiece, these vehicles have continuously been flying off our shelves since making it to our shores and proves that the market for 1:43 scale vehicles is still alive and well. While their web site has been overhauled in recent weeks (, they still aren’t showing any new vehicles for sale, even though several dozen new items have been announced and released in Europe and elsewhere. We know a great many of you are waiting with baited breath to lay your hands on the next vehicles in the series, so we’ll certainly keep you abreast should anything change in the not-too-distant future. For now, I guess we just have to jealously ogle these vehicles from afar, or suggest you try and pick some up on eBay.

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