Precision Model Art Takes the High Road this Winter


Precision Model Art (PMA) has undergone some changes of late, but that doesn’t mean their quality has suffered or their lineup has been affected. As several new items arrive this month, we’ve also learned that a bunch of other products are in the wings, proving they are in it for the long haul against some of the more entrenched players with wider assortments.


Expected in January are two new renditions of the 88mm FLaK gun – one painted in a desert camouflage pattern (P0311) and the other in a winter livery (P0313). Also on the docket are two 5-man WWII era figure sets containing German soldiers in varying poses (P0401 and P0402). While the PMA products are a bit pricier than their competition, its important to keep in mind that they offer far more detail and craftsmanship, thereby warranting the higher coinage. For instance, the 88mm guns come with ammo crates and the gun itself can be configured to either a towed or firing position. Look for these and other new items to roll in this January.


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