Reconnaissance in Force

Its Fleet Week here in New York City although the Merchant Marine seems to be bowing out of the festivities and sadly hasn’t offloaded anything new for the holiday. In fact, a number of items that were slated for a late May release have been pushed back into the first week of June, largely due to logistical delays connected with the Memorial Day holiday weekend. These include the first shipment of Solido 1:72 scale military vehicles and aircraft, Air Commander’s “Showtime 100” Phantom II fighter-bomber (AC1007), and the next Luft-X aircraft — a German Messerschmitt Me 329 Fighter (LUFT005). The first pair of Dragon Armor 1:72 scale PzKpfw IV Ausf. D medium tanks have been pushed back into June, although this may likely slip even further since no firm ship date was offered by Dragon. Calibre Wings’ inaugural pair of F-14 Tomcats have also slipped slightly, now likely rescheduled for a mid-June fly-in.

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