Product Reviews: Why They’re Important

After a customer receives an order from us, an automated email is generated and sent out to the recipient asking about the level of service they received, the quality of the product and other important pieces of information which are aimed at evaluating the shopping experience. So why is this important? For starters, we’re truly interested in hearing about a customer’s comments, be they good or bad, and strive to make improvements where ever and when ever possible. Moreover, each product is reviewed with stars which now appear as “rich snippets” when someone does a search on Google for the product in question. This enables other would-be customers the opportunity to see the item at-a-glance as well as gauge its overall quality and the customer’s shopping experience from that particular merchant. Essentially, the customer is helping the next person in line evaluate whether or not they should consider the item and from whom they should purchase it. Hope that makes sense and we hope everyone enjoys this new feature as we continue to move forward…

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