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Forces of Valor Returns to the Battlefield

We were concerned that Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, hadn’t put in an appearance at the recently concluded Nuremberg Toy Fair largely because no one had seen nor heard from them at the Show. Turns out the Company was in attendance, all-too-eager to demonstrate to their fans that the productions lines were already churning and that plans were laid out for the year.

According to our liaison, the first grouping of product expected this Spring will be their 1:72 scale aircraft, which will be followed, in quick succession, by several different 1:32 scale armored subjects. They also plan to update their web site as well as their respective Facebook pages, thereby maintaining regular communication with their fans and dealer network.

Several new tanks can be seen along with repaints of the R/C lineup

In the mean time, several of their upcoming 1:32 scale vehicles can be seen atop one display in their Nuremberg photo gallery. New camouflage schemes are evident for several of their 1:24 scale radio controlled vehicles, as well as images for their upcoming M26 Pershing, M1A1 Abrams and MLRS.

Waltersons claims that many of the relaunched 1:72 scale aircraft are already highly detailed so they will look much the same as in the past, perhaps with more attention paid to the engines. The display stands, however, will resemble the type used for their warship line, in that they will boast a “wooden look” with the name and nationality of the aircraft appearing on the front. Moreover, the display pillar has been completely redesigned, thereby enabling the aircraft to be rotated in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise fashion.

As far as 1:32 scale vehicles go, here is what we know thus far based upon post Nuremberg Show information passed along to us by the manufacturer. “After the 88mm guns, the Jagdpanther and Elefant will enter production. Following that would be the Sherman Firefly and Soviet T-34-85, and finally the Tiger I with lots of modifications. That would be the 1st – 2nd week of May.” So, if you read between the lines, any new molds such as the Sturmtiger and M4A3E8 Sherman are still a ways off, likely stealing the spotlight towards the end of the year. Likewise, the 1:16 scale Tiger, which everyone has been asking about, will almost certainly make it to market towards the end of 2018.

Again, we ask that you not contact us at this time to ask when a particular item is expected or to check on an order. You know as much as we do and questions of this nature are counterproductive, taking us away from things that we can fully address.

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Has Forces of Valor Gone AWOL?

Well, its the last day at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and thus far we haven’t heard a peep from Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand. That doesn’t necessarily spell doom and gloom. Far from it. It could very well mean that they are so busy that they haven’t found the time to post any of their latest introductions online. So, rather than contact us and hear the same old story of not learning anything new, we would prefer that you contact them directly and perhaps get it firsthand. Oh, and if you do learn anything, please be good enough to share it with us and everyone else.



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The Force May Soon Be With Us

The all-new 88mm FLaK gun now comes with eight figures including the Desert Fox himself, General Erwin Rommel.

A couple of months ago, we created a blog post explaining why Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, was running behind schedule getting a number of eagerly-awaited projects out the door. To recap, they were confronted by three critical issues: the first was reinventing the brand by offering revamped tooling that boasted more metal, removable engines and opening compartments previously overlooked in the original models. The second was obtaining new replicating machinery to create the molds for the new products as well as the training of new workers to operate the machinery. Third, and the most vexing problem they encountered,was that the manufacturer ran into an issue with the property owner who promised to turn over the keys to a new manufacturing facility, which ended up in court so that they could resolve the situation. Back in October, the manufacturer said as much on their Facebook page, apologizing for the delays and asking everyone to be patient a bit longer.

It is now mid-December, and we are just weeks away from the opening of the 2018 Hong Kong Toy Show, which throws open its doors to the public on January 8th. We are willing to bet that the manufacturer has remained mum of late so that they could use this venue to display their latest wares, new and re-imagined product that cuts across a great many categories and sub brands. So, hang in there a few more weeks and we’re sure there’s loads of incredible new products just waiting for a happy new home.

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Forces of Valor Gets a New Coat of Paint and Some Added Goodies

The all-new 88mm FLaK gun now comes with eight figures including the Desert Fox himself, General Erwin Rommel.

At the 57th All Japan Model and Hobby Show, Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, showed off some of the revamped 1:32 scale military vehicles expected this holiday season.

Walterson’s researchers even paid a visit to the Bovington Tank Museum in England to ensure their replica was every bit as accurate as the real thing

While none of the toolings on display were new, they did demonstrate some of the enhancements the manufacturer implemented since taking over the line last year, including updating the paint schemes, reworking some of the existing molds, adding bonus parts that include engines, and adding new figures such as Erwin Rommel to the new desert variant of the 88mm FLaK gun. 

The updated Sherman Firefly medium tank now features an opening rear hatch over the engine compartment and removable engine

We are hoping that additional images are forthcoming, since the Company is still insisting other 1:32 scale vehicles and 1:72 scale aircraft are due out for the holidays.

In other news, the manufacturer posted a video showcasing some of the painstaking lengths they’ve taken for their upcoming 1:16 scale radio controlled T-72 main battle tank. The manufacturer indicated that the vehicle may also be available as a kit, although details regarding this development weren’t made available.

Previously, only a desert scheme version of the 1:24 scale M1A1 Abrams tank was available. Soon, a tri-color scheme will also be sold

Also expected this holiday season are a 1:24 scale radio controlled M26 Pershing tank as well as two versions of the M1A1 Abrams tank – painted in either a desert scheme or tri-color European pattern.

Waltersons 1/16 scale Soviet T-72M1 (Export version), metal pa…

Preview of our new 1/16 scale Soviet T-72M1 tank, the model kit version and Radio control version (Enthusiast edition = Middle trim) both comes with 58 die-cast metal parts, these parts add about 1 Kg of weight to the tank, but more importantly they look very beautiful with the tank. If these parts would have been sold as after market upgrade parts it will probably cost maybe over 100 usd.

Posted by Waltersons Industry on Saturday, September 30, 2017

Waltersons 1/16 scale Radio control tank, Soviet T-72M1 Export…

The most time consuming part with design is probably making something work without sacrificing the appearance. Thats exactly the challenge we encountered while designing the tensioner system in the T-72, we could have just make it as part of the chassis in plastic, why bother making a separate part in die-cast metal, and with a tensioner mechanism inside? Because that marks the border between toys and hobbies, so we go one step further.Things look so perfectly in 3D world, all the parts fit perfectly well, no tolerance, shrinkage and deforming etc… but in reality they all happen, at first we were in doubt whether this tensioner mechanism would work?? The interval is only so short, even our structure designer questioned, do tankers really care? Well, when he saw the assembled chassis, he was convinced 🙂 🙂 🙂

Posted by Waltersons Industry on Saturday, September 30, 2017

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Product Spotlight: Forces of Valor’s 88 – Pitted, Peeled and Ready to Serve the Desert Fox


Forces of Valor’s German 88mm Flak 36/37 Anti-Aircraft Gun with Trailer – Deutsches Afrika Korps, North Africa, 1942

“The peril of the hour moved the British to tremendous exertions, just as always in a moment of extreme danger things can be done which had previously been thought impossible. Mortal danger is an effective antidote for fixed ideas.”

– Generalfeldmarschal Erwin Rommel

At long last, Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, has begun to draw back the curtains on some of the 1:32 scale military vehicles collectors can expect to lay their mitts on this holiday season. The first vehicle they have lassoed from the dressing room is the venerable 88mm FLaK gun, this time around painted in the desert scheme colors of the Deutsches Afrika Korps. As you can see by the close-up image, no detail has been left out, including a pitted gun shield and kill tally, as well as a dual display mode, so collectors can show the gun in either a transported mode or ready to do battle atop its cruciform mount. While the accompanying figures were omitted from these test shots, the DAK version will include 8 figures – seven crewmen to serve the weapon and the Desert Fox himself, Erwin Rommel. We’re getting close to a release date, which will hopefully make it available around Turkey Day.

Observe the pitted marks on the gun shield and some of the kill markings on the lower portion of the gun barrel signifying this gun has seen its fair share of battle.

No doubt a Sd.Kfz.7 prime mover, adorned in the desert colors of the DAK, will follow suit, so collectors can proudly display in the gun in a towed mode with the crew seated within the vehicle\s passenger compartment.

The wheel assemblies can be detached enabling collectors to display their gun in either a transport or action mode. Notice too the burnished barrel indicating lots of wear and tear and heavy usage on the battlefield.

German 88mm Flak 36 anti-tank gun

No wonder why FOV has earned its unique status in the hobby industry! FOV offers more than just a static model, take this 88mm Flak gun as an example; it can be re-packed as transportation mode or shooting mode, retractable support arms, rotating gun elevation wheels, manually recoil main gun, main body, main gun and shield are made by die-cast metal… and in transportation mode it probably rolls smoother than your matchbox car 🙂

Posted by Forces of Valor on Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Forces of Valor: No Longer Eclipsed by the Sun

As Waltersons, the new owner of the Forces of Valor brand, continues to build out its web site, product images are beginning to appear for some of their upcoming products. By clicking on their Exhibition link, located within the footer of their web site, then clicking on some of the recent Asian Hobby Shows, you can make out some of the tanks and aircraft slated for a 2017 release.

While some of the images are rather small, they do go along way towards proving that the manufacturer is hard at work bringing product to market and what you can expect from some of the re-purposed items carried over from the original range.

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Forces of Valor is Hunting More than Rabbits this Holiday Season

Walterson’s new portrayal of the Jagftiger heavy tank destroyer boasts lots more metal than their Unimax counterparts.

Its been awhile since we last saw product photos from Waltersons concerning their range of 1:32 Forces of Valor military vehicles. We’re still hoping for updated photos shortly, since these items are scheduled to go into production soon in order to meet the holiday deadline.

In the interim, we decided to post a couple of pre-production photos Waltersons uploaded to Facebook for two of their upcoming tank destroyers. As you can see from the images, the manufacturer is going to great lengths to return the line to its former glory when they were first introduced way back in 2002. The photos clearly demonstrate the amount of metal being used to flesh out the chassis, gun and other key areas, meaning they will be much heavier in the hand when they are completed. While its important to note that the engine compartments for the new range will come fully modeled and boast a removable engine, we thought it equally important to point out that even the accompanying crew figures are being reworked, thereby showing the Company’s commitment to quality as well as value.

Reworked crew figures will accompany each vehicle, in keeping with the Company’s belief that everything will be overhauled.

We’re still hoping for actual production photos before Labor Day, along with realistic release dates for the first group of vehicles on the docket. We will keep everyone apprised just as soon as we hear back from the manufacturer.

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Forces of Valor Gathers Momentum

While it hasn’t been completed and there’s still lots of information that has to be uploaded. Forces of Valor’s new site should give collectors a better idea of what to expect moving forward

Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, has announced the soft opening of its new web site. While it hasn’t been complete as yet, the new site should give collectors a better sense of what they can expect going forward as well as their intention towards putting their best foot forward getting the line off the ground. You can find the new site here:

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Product Spotlight: What You Can Expect from the New Forces of Valor Line

Forces of Valor explains the depth and breath of nuances that goes into producing a pre-assembled model

We’re constantly deluged by inquiries asking why its taking so long for Waltersons, the new owners of the Forces of Valor brand, to bring their product portfolio to market. Beyond the learning curve associated with creating a static model, its a question of trial-and-error, as the new owners experiment with different techniques to both enhance the range and satiate the appetite of baying customers looking to get their hands on the newest introductions.

Vincent Tsang, Managing Director of the Forces of Valor line, posted a three part essay on Facebook describing the process in detail and why they are taking their time to get things right. We strongly suggest paying a visit to their Facebook page and read up on their explanation, which will hopefully provide added insight concerning how they are approaching the model making business. 


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Forces of Valor: The June Update

While the bulk of the first wave of 1:32 scale vehicles are upgraded retreads from the Unimax series, the first new vehicle collectors can expect is a German Sturmtiger assault mortar. Blue areas on the vehicle indicate where metal is being used to replicate the vehicle rather than plastic, thereby returning the series to its earliest roots

Waltersons was gracious enough to post the current status of their 1:32 scale military vehicle line on Facebook. Rather than share snippets of information with our customers, we thought it made more sense to simply copy and paste their text verbatim, so you can draw your own conclusions as to when their first vehicles are expected:

Sorry for the late update everyone! It has been 4 months since we began the preparation of the battleships series, and all 8 ships are now in production line, started fulfilling all the export orders. Meanwhile our team has begun working on the 1/32 scale tank series and the 1/72 scale modern fighter aircrafts series, the first few 1/32 scale tanks rolling out will be the following:

1) 88mm Flak gun with 5 figurines (German grey)
2) 88mm Flak gun with 8 figurines including Desert Fox (Desert yellow)
3) Sherman Firefly Vc. with full engine details enhancement
4) Jagdpanther Early production with full engine details enhancement
5) JagdTiger w/ Henschel wheels with full engine details enhancement & couple open hatches
6) German Tiger I Late production w/ many new parts & engine details
7) German Tiger I Mid production w/ many new parts & engine details
8) Soviet T-34-85 w/ new hull, road wheels, tracks etc…
9) German Elefant w/ zimmerit, not so much changes except colour enhancement because the original Unimax version was well done.

See below pictures from our SturmTiger development, reference were taken from actual sturmtiger @ Munster Museum Germany. We are putting more machines & tool makers in shop floor to expedite the development. That being said, the SturmTiger should be available in 2017 Q4. We heard so much about FOV fans wanted, and we will go back to basic, areas highlighted in blue will be made by METAL!! Tons of metal, tons of steel, long live the FOV slogan 🙂

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