Altaya Lifts Off with a Fleet of Helicopters

Long a player in the fixed wing aviation market, Altaya recently announced that 36 1:72 scale helicopters were in the hopper and headed to the North American market, just in time for the holiday season. The list of choppers is quite impressive, covering everything from attack helos to utility transports. All of the models have now been posted to our web site and we anticipate taking delivery by the end of September.

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Amercom Inbound


The first of two Amercom shipments are now headed our way and should be arriving shortly. Because of the breadth and depth of the range, we decided to accept delivery of their helicopters first, and then their military vehicles second.


So, please bear with us as we take delivery of these two shipments. We will do our utmost to turn around any orders for these products as quickly as possible.

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