Ship of the Dead

Eaglemoss Super-Sizes the Star Trek Discovery Universe

Eaglemoss’ Star Trek Klingon Ship of the Dead – The Sarcophagus [With Collector Magazine]

Having only seen the first episode of CBS’ cable series, Star Trek Discovery, I fully admit I don’t know all that much about the ongoing story or its place within the Star Trek timeline. What I can say though is that the Klingons have certainly evolved since the original television series of the 1960s, something I used to watch religiously as a kid some fifty years ago.

Take this upcoming model from Eaglemoss, for example. Known as The Sarcophagus, a so-called Ship of the Dead starship, it looks about as out-of-place in the original Star Trek series as a Tribble laying siege to the Vulcan home world. According to Star Trek lore, “The Sarcophagus, or Ship of the Dead, was a starship that originally served as the flagship of the House of T’Kuvma. The ship, which was considered holy, belonged to T’Kuvma’s father. Upon his death, when T’Kuvma was a child, it lay abandoned for children to play in until T’Kuvma rediscovered it and vowed to restore the honor of his House.

In 2256, the Sarcophagus was encountered by the USS Shenzhou at the edge of Federation space, six light years from Gamma Hydra. The vessel later instigated the Battle of the Binary Stars by firing on the Shenzhou, but was disabled by a bomb afterward and T’Kuvma was killed by a Starfleet boarding party.

Colorful yet undoubtedly ominous, the Sarcophagus is the first model in Eaglemoss’ newly minted Discovery XL range, meaning its a lot bigger than the average Star Trek Discovery model which began warping across the galaxy last year. Slated to enter Federation space some time this spring, we have begun accepting pre-orders for it and await news concerning other ships in the XL range.

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