The Collectors Showcase Rearms with the Tiger I

Collectors Showcase DAK Tiger I Heavy Tank
The Collectors Showcase’s 1:30 scale replica of a Tiger I Ausf. E Heavy Tank – Deutsches Afrika Korps, Tunisia, 1943

Ever since they started producing military vehicles, the hottest selling item in the Collectors Showcase stable has been the Tiger I heavy tank. Capitalizing on its success and using the Chicago Toy Soldier Show as a backdrop, the Company is announcing the newest addition to its arsenal: a Tiger I heavy tank employed by the Deutsches Afrika Korps at the tail end of the North African campaign. Painted in a ferocious desert sand camouflage pattern and equipped with two figures, this newest vehicle is slated for an October roll out, and happily carries a pre-order price of just $161.99. $179.99 if you wait until it starts to ship. Only 100 pieces are being produced, guaranteeing it will be snapped up quickly by collectors world over.

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