The Hobby Master Armored Corps Receives Some Sorely Needed Reinforcements

Hobby Master’s first ISU-122 self propelled gun is based on the “S” variant

It was beginning to look as if Hobby Master had gotten out of the military vehicle game for good. Happily, that may have changed this week, with the announcement of a new 1:72 scale armored vehicle: a Soviet ISU-122S self propelled gun (HG7020). Drawn from the ISU-122 family of assault guns, the ISU-122S variant features the faster-firing D-25 gun. Interestingly, D-25S gun production was prioritized to be fitted to IS-2s, but as more became available in late 1944, they were fitted to the ISU hull. This variant passed trials in late 1944 and was referred to as the Object 249 or ISU-122-2. Its rate of fire was now 2-3 shots per minute, and even 4 shots per minute with experienced loaders.

The easiest way to spot this variant is by the double baffle muzzle brake or by the ball-shaped gun mantlet. The D-25S’ muzzle brake reduced the recoil force from firing the gun and made working conditions better for the crew, as well as allowing a smaller, lighter gun mantlet being mounted, but with the same effective armor protection due to its round shape. 675 ISU tanks were fitted with the D-25 gun, but because of the huge stocks of the A-19, both the ISU-122 and ISU-122S were produced until the end of 1945.

Look for the inaugural ISU-122 assault gun to reach the battlefield some time in October.


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