Toy Fair Cometh


On January 28th, the Spielwarenmesse Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, throws open its doors and welcomes buyers, exhibitors and visitors to its annual showing. While we will not be attending, we will be posting information gleaned from the manufacturer’s web site, newsletters, and promotional literature so that our audience can learn about the very latest piece of diecast memorabilia headed to market.

200 5th

Years ago, we used to attend the Toy Fair here in New York City at 200 5th Avenue, which has since transitioned to the Jacob Javits Center. Yesterday, I paid a visit to the old 200 5th Avenue building which stands opposite the world famous Flat Iron building. 200 5th Avenue has since been changed into an Italian market, complete with restaurants, salumerias, groceries and other faire. It was strange and a bit sad to walk through the revitalized building, which held all sorts of memories for me and my family. The march of time has certainly swallowed up another tradition, be it for better or worse, and I can only hope the new tenants understand the history and allure their building once meant to the toy business.

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