War Master Back on Track?

WMAPF025 (2)

It appears as if War Master has selected a new distributor for its North American operation, which is why their most recent pair of scheduled shipments have been inexplicably delayed. At this point, its not clear if their supposed June cache, which is already available elsewhere in the world, will ever make it to our shores, given the lack of information currently available. What is known is that their new distributor has announced plans for an all-new platoon of armored vehicles to roll out this May, which will be supplemented by an IJN Aichi B7A2 Ryusei “Grace” attack aircraft.

War Master Compilation

All of the ground vehicles look especially pleasing this go round, covering a multitude of eras, nations and types of weapons employed. For WWII buffs, a German 88mm FLaK gun will be offered, this time still attached to its wheel assemblies. Moving forward in time, War Master has developed an Israeli M51 Isherman tank, an upgunned version of the original Sherman that was used in the Yom Kippur War. Also expected is a US M48 A3 Patton tank, which saw action in Vietnam, and a M163 A1 Vulcan Air Defense System, which saw yeoman service during the Panama Crisis of 1981. All five new products have been listed on our site, and we hope to have clearer imagery some time soon.



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