When the Shermans Come Rolling Along!


To coincide with our print advertising campaign, we’ve drastically reduced the price of Unimax’ 1:16 scale M4A3 Sherman medium tank to an eye-popping $199.99 plus shipping (#UNI85007). That’s a whopping $300 off of our regular every day price. Remember, several of the previous vehicles in this series are easily fetching $1,000 or more in the after-market, and there’s no telling if this will be the last vehicle Unimax plans on offering as part of their over-sized Extreme Metal series. So, if price was always a consideration, it ain’t any longer, ’cause this is one deal that’s simply too good to pass up! Be advised, that we will not honor any further discounts for this item so please do not apply any current sales coupons to this item. Orders that do include this discount will be automatically cancelled.


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