Established in October 2000, The Motor Pool has quickly become the leading source for diecast military vehicles and aircraft world over. With nearly 6,000 items listed in our growing product portfolio, we’re sure that our selection, service and pricing can’t be beat.

But I’ll bet you’re more interested in knowing who you’re dealing with than what we’re selling. Well, The Motor Pool is run by two “kids” that, to put it mildy, never grew up.

Marc Dultz has worn several hats in his illustrious career. Besides running two computer gaming magazines, Marc has written three books (if you can call them that), written hundreds of game- and hobby-related articles (including a regular gaming column for Air & Space Smithsonian magazine), flown in mock air combat courtesy of SkyWarriors USA, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane (yes, with a parachute), and makes his flight instructors toss their cookies in gliders whenever he gets the chance.

Marvin Binder, on the other hand, is a toy and hobby industry veteran who, among other things, worked for Matchbox Toys for over 18 years and helped to put the world-reknown Polks Hobby Store on the collectors map in downtown New York City. As the elder member of the team, Marvin does his best to keep Marc grounded, which is nothing short of impossible over the last few years as he routinely attempts to crawl into the cockpit of some of the latest Armour Collection warbirds.

That said, we continue to invite you to create your own battlefield in miniature or build your own private war museum. But remember, the choice is always yours at The Motor Pool. Okay, Marvin, you can take a seat now…

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